Most of the regular bettors looses their money, it’s a proven fact.
Most of them lacks fundamental knowledge, place bets only upon their thoughts or expects a miracle.
They have two things in common.
Firstly they bet only on popular “bankers” available on many free picks sites, secondly they don’t see sports betting as an long term investment opportunity. 
Most soccer betting advisory services send their tips via email. In some instances, they also offer to send the information via text message to your mobile phone.
Alternatively, some services have a private members website where the tips will be published on a regular basis.
The main advantage of a soccer betting tips subscription is that everything is simple and straightforward.
You just have to execute some basic performance monitoring.
This can be very enjoyable when all you are doing is counting the money that you have won. 
This is why we underline the long term approach so frequently at this site.
Your single bet can be lost or won, depending on many factors, which are predictable, and some other that are rather random.
This may sound obvious but surprises happen every day.
There is no way to get rid of them completely, loosing is part of the game. 
For those of you who want to look at sports betting as a long term investment or income opportunity, finding reliable predictions if very crucial. But, even the best picks are not a guarantee of success. In order to be a real winner you must remain patient and spread the risk over large number of bets.
This means that good money management is also a factor of great importance. If you remain patient and you manage your bankroll carefully sports betting can bring amazing profits.